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How to Put an End to Constant Fussiness, Crying & Interrupted Sleep in As Little as 10 Days


Here's Exactly What's Included in Your 10-Day Crash Course...

The Complete Baby in Tune System

  • 6 easy-to-follow training modules (a total of 17 videos)
  • All of the techniques, tips and tricks you need to level-up your skills as a new mom

    • Simple Soothing Cheat Sheet
    • Lullaby Secrets
    • Songwriting Template
    • Most-Loved Goodnight Songs
    • Confidence Booster
    • Go-To Dance Songs 
    • Best Hand-Gesture Songs

Plus these amazing bonuses...

+ BONUS #1
The Ultimate Soundtrack for New Moms

Now you have all the best music to get you through every part of your day!!

  1. Waking Up Playlist
  2. Feeding Playlist
  3. Bath time Playlist
  4. Fussy Playlist
  5. Playtime Playlist
  6. Getting Dressed Playlist
  7. Bedtime Playlist
  8. Mom Emergency Playlist

+ BONUS #2 
My Top 25 Hacks for New Moms E-Book

Get all of my greatest tips and tricks to help you stay out of mommy hot water.

  • How to Survive a Flight with your Baby
  • Sleep and How to Get It
  • 6 Activity Ideas to Do During Corona
  • What Makes for an Expert Parent
  • 5 Best Instruments for Babies
  • 6 ways to feel more present with your baby
  • And much more…

+ BONUS #3
One-Time Emergency Call with Vered

If you ever find yourself STUCK and you don't know what to do, you feel down or depressed, or you can't get out of a mommy slump...

Get on a 30-minute Zoom call with me and I'll help you get through your tough spot and figure out how to make you, and your baby happy.

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It's Time to Put an End to Constant Fussiness, Crying & Interrupted Sleep 

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